Malaysian Jumbo Movie Star Throws Tantrum With Trainer

July 17, 2001
KUALA LUMPUR An elephant which starred in the movie ***"Anna and the King"***has thrown a celebrity tantrum and put his Malaysian trainer in hospital, AFP report said Tuesday.

Adun, a bull elephant aged 17, broke his trainer's ribs and injured his lungs after grabbing him with his trunk last Saturday.

Mohamad Nawayai Yasak, director of Malacca Zoo, was quoted by the star as saying Adun had been temporarily chained up and was on medication.

Apart from his role in the movie which was made in Malaysia, Adun had also starred in commercials and in daily elephant shows at the zoo.

Nawayai said Adun probably attacked his trainer because he was reaching adulthood and experiencing a hormonal change. He may also have been unfamiliar with the trainer.

"I am confident Adun is not a dangerous elephant because he is so used to human beings. We will put him back on the show when his condition returns to normal," he said.