Iran Finishes 11th in Computer Olympiad

July 22, 2001 - 0:0
TEHRAN -- The Iranian Computer Olympiad team won a gold, a silver and two bronze medals and finished in 11th place at the 13th International Computer Olympiad that was recently held in Finland.

Some 272 students from 72 countries participated in the Computer Olympiad. Slovakia finished in first place, followed by the United States, Singapore, Finland and South Korea.

The Iranian Computer Olympiad team finished sixth last year, gaining two gold medals, one silver medal and one bronze medal.

Iranian youth are very talented and have great potential, so why have they not done as well as last year in both the Computer Olympiad and the Mathematics Olympiad in the United States, in which Iran finished 17th.

Maybe a committee like the one that was formed for the Mathematics Olympiad should be formed to study the reasons for the poor result in the Computer Olympiad.