Floods Damage Villages in W.Azarbaijan

July 24, 2001 - 0:0
TEHRAN Villages have been damaged by floods in Khoy, the northwestern city of West Azarbaijan Province on Sunday evening.

Farmlands in several villages have been destroyed by the floods, the Khoy Headquarters for Natural Disasters in charge said on Monday.

It said that the flood has cut off roads linking the rustic districts and the local electrical installations have been destroyed in several villages.

Some relief groups are stationed in the region to offer emergency help to the local people, the headquarters further said, adding that relief aid including tents, machinery and foodstuff has also been distributed among the flood-hit villages.

No casualties have as yet been reported and the amount of damage inflicted upon rural infrastructure as well as public and governmental organizations is still to be estimated.

Technical relief teams are currently busy repairing roads, connective bridges and electricity installations.

Heavy torrential rain and hailstorm on Friday and Saturday in the northwestern province of Ardebil also triggered flash floods that submerged dozens of cars and houses under mud, inflicting heavy damage to human, material and livestock as well.

Meshkinshahr has had the highest number of casualties reported which is expected to rise.

The floods in the province have so far claimed 32 lives and injured 37. Some 24 are still to be accounted for.

Meanwhile, Natural disasters like floods and droughts can be predicted with modern equipment, and this can provide the advanced warning necessary for measures to be taken to reduce their destructive effects.

On the sidelines of the First International Exhibition on Earth Sciences Equipment and Instruments, the Head of the Meteorology Organization, Ali-Mohammad Nourian, said that long-term prediction of natural calamities requires modern computers.

He said that natural disasters could be predicted one year sooner using advanced and modern computers.

He added that Iran now possesses the modern equipment and information required for accurate weather forecasts.