French Ambassador Urges Sister City Accords Between Isfahan, French Cities

September 10, 2002 - 0:0
ISFAHAN -- French Ambassador to Tehran Francois Nicouloud in a meeting with the Isfahan Governor General Seyed Jaffar Mousavi here on Monday called for the conclusion of sister city agreements between Isfahan and the French cities of Lyons and Versailles.

Nicouloud said that the agreements would prepare the ground for the expansion of Iran-France relations relying on common cultural and historical elements between the two nations.

He described Isfahan as mysterious, and said that tourists, particularly French and Italians, are very interested in visiting the city.

The French ambassador also met the chairman of the Isfahan City Council, Hossein Mollayi, and highlighted the importance of the sister city accords between Iranian and French cities.

He said the recent photo exhibition of French works held at Isfahan's Museum of Contemporary Art prepared the ground for the promotion of mutual ties.

Nicouloud stated that the French Embassy would work to prepare the ground for the sisterhood accord between Iran's Isfahan and French cities of Lyons and Versailles following Mollayi's stress in that connection.

Mollayi highlighted the cultural interaction of Iran and France and expressed hope that the Iran-France Council would once again start work in Isfahan.

He said that Iran is also interested in concluding sister cities agreement between Isfahan and the French cities given the cultural affinities of the two nations.