Wag the Dog

February 22, 2003 - 0:0
No doubt many of you have heard the catchy phrase "wag the dog". Some may have not. In any case, what is meant by the relationship between a dog and its tail pertains to being subservient -- the tail, of less importance, is obedient to the dog, which is certainly the boss.

In other words, the tail serves and follows the dog in one way or another. Of course, that is not the point here. The point is that it would be unacceptable for it to be the other way around, that is, the tail wagging the dog and in other words, the tail dictating to the dog how it should behave. "Wag the dog" means that the insignificant lesser part, colleague, or partner puts the higher ranking party in a situation where the supremo is forced to comply with the demands of the inferior.

Now, keep that point in mind while we review some aspects of the relationship between the Zionist regime, Britain, and the United States.

Recently, the Zionist regime, claimed once again that Iran has plans to produce nuclear bombs, and in a coordinated move, the research director of London-based Institute for Strategic Studies recommended that after Iraq is dealt with, a joint effort is needed to deal with Iran's nuclear program.

In turn, this led to a declaration by a senior American official that hostile countries that pursue nuclear weapons constitute the greatest threat to the U.S. and the world. The countries the U.S. official was referring do not include Israel.

To explain this course of events we must say first that the Zionist regime has adopted the worst possible policies and has no right whatsoever to utter the mildest objections or make any requests to any country to adhere to international law. Israel has always avoided joining any pact or convention calling for the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), declines giving permission to international observers to inspect its numerous nuclear installations, and has violated tens of UN resolutions directed at it -- thus continuing to defy the entire world with virtual total impunity.

Second, Britain and the U.S. not only turn a blind eye to these blatant facts but also fully support the Zionist regime in its barbarism. On the other hand, constant bickering about the possibility of Iran gaining the ability to produce nuclear weapons has deafened the world and bored the Middle East. Thus, the Zionist regime is overexerting itself trying to persuade British and U.S. leaders to take an unreasonable stance against Iran on this issue and is carrying out it's shameless provocation, mostly through the Zionist media mafia, alleging that Iran is in pursuance of nuclear weapons. Why is the Zionist regime publicizing the matter as such and what will it gain from its bosses by spreading these lies?

One, it could be that the Zionist entity is terribly in need of a " new enemy " to keep the flow of military, economic and political hand-outs coming from Buckingham Palace and the White House running. Through these donations the Zionist regime believes that little by little it will gain the economic and political stability and security it is in dire need for continuance of its existence.

Two, through such mispropaganda Israel wants to distract world opinion so that the masses forget the fact that it has never complied to any non-proliferation treaty and is a clear threat to the world peace.

In order to deal properly with this matter it is necessary that regional countries carry out extensive diplomatic endeavors and inform one another of latest developments and results of their efforts. The UN could also be a great help in this regard to push forward the disarmament of Israel. The least, that would really be a big step towards peace, is that the Zionist regime sign one of the non-proliferation treaties.

Israel would continue to be a constant threat looming over the Middle East endangering the entire world, the bosses included.