Iranian cuisine


  • Iranian food atlas 2020-11-18 20:00

    Iranian food atlas could help promote gastronomy tourism

    TEHRAN - The atlas of Iranian food, which is being prepared, is a comprehensive resource of a variety of foods and beverages, which could promote gastronomy tourism, a tourism official has said.

  • Food street 2020-10-20 19:31

    Food street being created in Kermanshah

    TEHRAN – A food street is scheduled to come on stream in the near future in the western city of Kermanshah, aiming to promote local food culture and tourism in the region, the provincial tourism chief has announced.

  • Iranian cuisine: Morasa Polo  2020-09-25 21:03

    Iranian cuisine: Morasa Polo 

    Morasa Polo (Jewelled Rice) is an eye-catching Persian rice dish, which boasts an amalgam of delightful sweet and sour taste. To make it, vegetable materials such as carrots, almonds, raisins have been used.

  • Persian dishes: Zereshk Polo (Barberry rice with saffron chicken) 2020-05-25 18:26

    Persian dishes: Zereshk Polo (Barberry rice with saffron chicken)

    The sweet and sour flavor of zereshk (barberries) and the glistening ruby red berries set against the white and saffron tinged grains make this a feast for the taste buds and the eyes.

  • Iran celebrates cuisine at Tbilisi festival 2019-05-06 20:23

    Iran celebrates cuisine at Tbilisi festival

    TEHRAN – On May 5, a group of Iranian exhibitors offered various Iranian tea, honey, herbal ingredients and cuisine at a Tbilisi festival, where food fans were able to savor local tastes from all over the country.