Iranian tankers


  • UK 2021-10-01 21:13

    Let’s Talk about Power

    TEHRAN — With the winter season arriving, the United Kingdom is now struggling with an immense fuel shortage crisis. Long lines are snaking down streets across the UK as drivers struggle to fill up their cars, causing widespread traffic misery and worries over whether the emergency services can do their work.

  • Faxon tanker 2021-09-14 22:11

    Iranian fuel tanker reaches Syria

    TEHRAN — After 19 days, the Iranian ship containing 33,000 metric tons of gasoline reached Baniyas port in Syria on Tuesday.

  • Jalal Firuznia 2021-09-04 10:28

    Ambassador: Iran ready to build power plants in Lebanon

    TEHRAN — The Iranian ambassador to Beirut says Tehran is ready to build power plants in Lebanon.

  • Nasrallah 2021-08-28 23:53

    Nasrallah baffles Zionist regime again

    TEHRAN — Speaking in a televised speech about developments in Lebanon and the entire region broadcast via Lebanon's al-Manar television on Friday, Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah said the United States and Israel are fazed by Iran's fuel shipments to Lebanon.

  • Three Iranian tankers approach Venezuela with fuel cargoes 2020-09-29 18:41

    Three Iranian tankers approach Venezuela with fuel cargoes

    The first of three Iranian tankers carrying fuel to Venezuela arrived on Monday night, demonstrating the ability of the Iranian and Venezuelan governments to bypass American sanctions, according to The Maritime Executive.

  • Tanker 2020-05-19 14:30

    BY: Ebrahim Fallahi

    Iran, Venezuela challenging U.S. dominance, who is violating intl. law?

    TEHRAN – It has been few weeks since the rumors began spreading that Iran intended to ship several fuel consignments to Caracas to help alleviate Venezuela’s severe fuel problems.

  • Zarif 2020-05-18 12:07

    Foreign Ministry summons Swiss ambassador

    Zarif writes to UN chief, calls U.S. moves illegal, dangerous, threat to international peace  

    TEHRAN – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif wrote a letter to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres late on Sunday warning about possible attempts by the U.S. to “disrupt” the movement of the Iranian tankers carrying fuel to Venezuela, warning such a move will be “illegal”, “dangerous”, “provocative”, “instance of piracy” and a “great danger to international peace and security”.

  • Grace 1 2019-07-06 18:44

    Moscow condemns seizure of Iranian tanker

    TEHRAN – The Russian Foreign Ministry has slammed Britain for seizing an Iran-operated supertanker off the coast of Gibraltar.