UAE-Israel Normalization


  • Amir-Abdollahian 2022-05-13 22:05

    People won’t tolerate normalization with Israel, Iran FM says

    TEHRAN - Iran's Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian has reminded Lebanon's Culture Minister Mohammad Wissam al-Mortada that normalizing relations with Israel would never be tolerated by the people of the region.

  • Saeed Khatibzadeh 2021-12-14 21:20

    Iran warns Israeli PM’s visit to UAE goes against interests of Arab, Muslim nations

    TEHRAN — The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh late on Monday reacted to the visit by the Zionist regime’s prime minister to the United Arab Emirates, strongly warning against any move that would strengthen the fake regime’s “destructive and seditious presence” in West Asia.

  • Jordan protests 2021-11-27 21:23

    You may fool governments, but you cannot fool people

    TEHRAN — A water-for-energy agreement between Jordan and Israel sparked protests in the Jordanian capital for the past week.

  • Hamid Shahriari 2021-10-17 22:10

    Cleric predicts normalization with Israel will lead to collapse of regional governments

    TEHRAN — The secretary general of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought (WFPIST) says that the thoughtless moves of some rulers of Islamic states in normalizing relations with Israel will lead to the overthrow of their governments.

  • Bibi 2021-05-22 21:39

    How Netanyahu botched the normalization hype

    Gone with the wind

    TEHRAN – The Israeli regime sought to use the normalization deals with some Arab states to project a different image of itself to the Arab world but the recent carnage against Gaza once again brought it into disrepute. 

  • Normalization 2021/05/14

    By Batoul Sbeity

    Bribed normalization: The reverse effects

    In mid-August of 2020, former U.S. President Trump started brokering the normalization of ties between the Wrong State (Israel) and a series of Arab nations, with the UAE, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco forged open and official ties.

  • سخنرانی تلویزیونی رهبر انقلاب اسلامی به‌ مناسبت روز جهانی قدس 2021-05-07 21:26

    Leader: Palestine, most crucial issue of Islamic world

    TEHRAN— In a televised speech on International Quds Day, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, stated that the issue of Palestine is the top priority of the Islamic world, and the fight against Israel is a public duty.

  • عادی سازی روابط امارات، تل آویو 2021-04-05 21:25

    'Boycott UAE' campaign over Israeli normalization goes global

    A pro-Palestinian boycott campaign targeting the United Arab Emirates for normalization of relations with Israel is starting to gather momentum around the world. 

  • Amir-Abdollahian 2021-03-09 22:37

    UAE, Bahrain to face major challenges for normalizing ties with Israel: aide

    TEHRAN – The United Arab Emirates and Bahrain would face major problems within their own countries due to their normalization of ties with Israel, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, a special aide to the speaker of the Iranian parliament on international affairs, has predicted. 

  • Israel-UAE ties 2021-03-03 21:46

    Arab allies cast doubt on Israeli initiative

    Israel sets trap for new Arab allies 

    TEHRAN – Israel has proposed to form a special security arrangement with some of the Persian Gulf’s Arab states, but the Israeli initiative was coldly received by Arabs, sparking speculation over whether Israel is trying to create troubles between Iran and its Arab neighbors.

  • Wrong state 2020-12-08 18:04

    By Batool Subeiti

    The wrong calculations for the Wrong State

    Netanyahu recently listed his ‘achievements’ of the week, from them mentioning the strengthened relations between Israel (the Wrong State) and the Arab states, in addition to other ‘achievements’ he couldn't mention openly.

  • Stakes high for UAE as regional tensions soar 2020-12-02 11:31

    Stakes high for UAE as regional tensions soar

    TEHRAN – As tensions run high in the region following the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, analysts warn that the United Arab Emirates is treading on dangerous ground by not distancing itself from Israel’s provocative measures against Iran.

  • UAE-Israel 2020-10-20 21:02

    ‘Shameful’: Palestinians slam UAE delegation visit to Israel

    The arrival of a United Arab Emirates delegation in Israel has been slammed as “shameful” by Palestinian officials.

  • Normalization deal 2020-10-14 21:21

    By Khairunnisa Aga

    Normalization with Israel betrayal of Palestinian cause

    Even though peace-building is essential for stability in West Asia, it should be built on the foundation of justice, not on betrayal. Peace today is practically being projected as an entity incompatible with the concept of justice.

  • Protests 2020-10-04 22:14

    Despite normalization hype, Netanyahu faces wrath of Israelis

    Tel Aviv restive nights 

    TEHRAN – Tens of thousands of Israelis continued their protests on Saturday against the “failed” leadership of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, weeks after he vociferously sought to boost his political standing through hyping two normalization deals with some Arab countries.

  • Navy Chief sits down with Tehran Times for exclusive interview 2020-09-26 16:11

    By Ali A.Jenabzadeh

    Rear Admiral Khanzadi: Sooner or later Arab states will be left with no allies

    TEHRAN - In an exclusive interview with the Tehran Times on Thursday, Commander of the Iranian Navy Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi addresses several developments in the region, including the recent U.S.-brokered normalization deals between Israel and some Arab states.

  • U.S. 2020-09-16 21:01

    Arab normalization deals with Israel will not last long

    TEHRAN – While the White House portrays the normalization deals between some Arab states and Israel as “the dawn of a new Middle East [West Asia]”, an expert on West Asia tells the Tehran Times that the normalization deals are doomed to fail.

  • Zarif 2020-09-14 20:39

    Zarif dismisses Arab normalization deals with Israel as election photo op

    TEHRAN – Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Monday that Donald Trump, wading through a reelection year with a troubled campaign, “desperately” needed a photo op with certain Arab rulers to boost his reelection chances.

  • MBZ 2020-09-14 20:37

    How U.S.-led Iranophobic propaganda contributed to Arab normalization deals with Israel

    TEHRAN – In the wake of normalization deals between some Arab states and Israel, former and current U.S. officials sought to put the deals in the broader context of confronting Iran’s influence in the region, a move seen by some experts as an attempt to propagate Iranophobia across the Arab world.

  • Deputy speaker 2020-09-05 23:08

    UAE normalization deal with Israel is ‘apostasy’: deputy speaker

    TEHRAN - Amir-Hossein Ghazizadeh Hashemi, the first deputy speaker of the Iranian Parliament, denounced on Saturday a normalization deal between Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi as an act of “apostasy” by the UAE.

  • Kushner 2020-09-05 23:08

    UAE deal raises questions about manipulation of Jared Kushner by Israel

    TEHRAN – Jared Kushner, the U.S. president’s son-in-law and senior adviser, who was a target of manipulation for many countries, is a “plaything” serving Israeli interests in a way that would destabilize the region, according to a former Iranian diplomat.

  • UAE 2020-08-17 00:14

    Iran warns UAE against an Israeli foothold on its doorstep

    TEHRAN - Iran has strongly criticized the United Arab Emirates for deciding to sign an agreement with Israel to normalize ties with Tel Aviv. However, a West Asia expert tells the Tehran Times that the Emiratis have sought to relieve Iran’s concerns over possible cooperation between Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv against Tehran.