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  • Hemmati 2019-01-23 21:24

    Forex market under CBI’s full control

    TEHRAN- "The Central Bank of Iran (CBI) has a full control over domestic foreign exchange market," the central bank Governor Abdolnaser Hemmati announced in a televised interview on Tuesday.

  • Forex market 2018-04-11 11:42

    By Haniyeh Sadat Jafariyeh

    Taming the runaway forex market

    When rial finished its four-month decline sliding to a record low of 60,000 rials against the dollar on Monday from 43,000 rials in early January, the administration eventually made the long-waited serious decision to curb the rampant foreign exchange market by unifying the official and open market exchange rates.

  • Forex 2018-02-14 19:46

    Cabinet approves plan for controlling forex market

    TEHRAN- Iranian cabinet, on a Wednesday meeting headed by President Hassan Ruohani, approved the Central Bank of Iran(CBI)’s suggested plans and measures to be taken for controlling domestic foreign exchange market, IRNA reported.