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  • DOE opposes production of diesel cars 2019-06-08 19:47

    DOE opposes production of diesel cars

    TEHRAN – While an Iranian automaker has undertaken a study on manufacturing diesel cars, the Department of Environment (DOE) voiced objection toward production of diesel engines owing to the amount of toxic emissions they produce.

  • oil price 2018-12-05 22:52

    By Mahmood Khaghani in association with Chris Cook

    Iran at the crossroad of 1398 budget

    TEHRAN - A journalist called me the other day and requested my opinion with regard to the next Iranian year 1398 budget that it seems the government considers oil prices will be higher than 50 dollars per barrel. I, in turn, asked a Senior Research Fellow at University College London about his prediction with respect to oil market during 2019. He said: "As a wise man said, "It is difficult to make forecasts, especially about the future."