FM Spokesman: World Community Should Work to Contain Zionist Regime

April 30, 1998
TEHRAN The Foreign Ministry Spokesman Mahmoud Mohammadi, here on Tuesday, stressed the threat the Zionist regime poses to peace and stability in the Middle East region, The world community should work to contain the regime.'' The Zionist regime, with support of the U.S., is becoming the biggest possessor of weapons of mass destruction including the nuclear, chemical and biological varieties, Mohammadi said.

To divert the world public opinion from the Israeli threats, Mohammadi said, The U.S. and the Zionist regime try to present Iran as a source of threat. He called on the regional states as well as the international community to press the Zionist regime to allow monitoring of its nuclear facilities by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Speaking about the seizure of a shipment of 22 tons of steel alloy at Azerbaijan border, the spokesman said that the shipment is in no way linked to any military or civilian agencies of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The steel alloy shipment, which can have non-military applications, could have been oredered by private companies, an issue presently investigated by the Iranian government, Mohammadi added.

Mohammadi further stated that the seizure of the shipment and efforts to politicize the issue is done by parties aiming to disrupt the ralations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Russian Federation. Expressing grave concern over the situation in Kosovo, the spokesman called on the involved parties to help end the crisis. The Islamic Republic of Iran opposes use of force and calls for strict observance of human rights in Kosovo. Iran favors political negotiations to help establish peace in Kosovo based on equal rights for all its residents, Albanian-descent or else, Mohammadi stressed.

The spokesman further rejected allegations by the Algerian minister of justice, caliming Iranian involvement in the Algerian affairs. However, Mohammadi stressed, the world of Islam is deeply concerned about the mysterious killings in Algeria. Iran, without intending to interfere in the internal affairs of Algeria, announces its deepest concerns regarding the continuation of the mysterious killings in the country. While scores of defenseless Algerian women and children have been massacred to date, the government has not been able to prevent the killings or to present an explanation to the concerned world public opinion,'' Mohammadi concluded.