Jannati Terms Majlis Elections Important, Decisive

December 13, 2003 - 0:0
TEHRAN (IRNA) -- Secretary of the supervisory Guardian Council (GC) Ahmad Jannati here on Friday called the upcoming elections of the Majlis as important and decisive for the country.

Jannati, in his second sermon at the Tehran Friday prayers, said Majlis has a crucial significance in the Islamic Republic, stressing that an efficient Majlis can help resolve the problems of the country.

An efficient Majlis, he said, can help resolve many problems and the people will be accordingly happy over the state of the affairs and will remain loyal to the system.

"However, if the performance of Majlis is not as expected, it will cause discontent among people and the authority of the system will therefore suffer," Jannati told worshipers at Tehran University campus.

He called on those who consider themselves to be legally eligible to run for state positions to participate in the Majlis elections, stressing that it is a duty for the pious and competent individuals to serve people and the system.

Jannati further said it is necessary for people to participate in the Majlis elections, stressing that a high voter turnout would strengthen the system and would also have useful results for the country.

He also recalled the efforts made by the enemies to discourage people from participating in the elections, warning that the enemies will use the low public participation at Majlis polls to claim that Iranians are not satisfied with their government.

Jannati further stressed that all procedures of Majlis elections must be based on the rules and regulations as prescribed by the Constitution, and said this would guarantee the interests of the system and would also be to the benefit of the people.