Higher ranking negotiators should be sent to Iran-U.S. talks: expert

July 21, 2007 - 0:0

TEHRAN - International affairs expert Mahmud Dehqan said here on Friday that Iran and the United States should send high-ranking negotiators to their next meeting on Iraq in order to achieve tangible results.

Foreign Minister Manuchehr Mottaki said on Wednesday that Iran and the U.S. will hold the second round of talks at the ambassadorial level in the near future. “A minister or a deputy minister has more authority than an ambassador in making decisions in sensitive negotiations such as the Iran-U.S. talks,” Dehqan told the Mehr News Agency. “Now that for helping the Iraqi nation we have decided to sit at the negotiation table with our major enemy” cutting the talks without reaching any results should be avoided, Dehqan explained. The Iranian and U.S. ambassadors to Baghdad held talks about Iraq’s security situation in Baghdad on May 28. The U.S. will eventually leave Iraq, and there are three types of withdrawals; the first is a “victorious exit” that is currently impossible and dreamlike, the second is a “decent exit”, and the third is a “scandalous exit”, he stated. The U.S. is severely entangled in Iraq and it has realized that Iran can help it “decently” withdraw from the country, he said, adding that Iran has also realized such an act will comprehensively benefit the region, thus it has entered the talks. In a separate interview, international affairs expert Davud Hermidas Bavand told MNA that Tehran and Washington should show their goodwill in order to make the second round of their talks on Iraq effective. “The first round of talks which were held at an expert level led to positive outcomes; however in the talks the two sides complained from one another,” the tone should be changed in the second round of talks, he suggested. The complex situation in the Middle East requires obtaining wise decisions in the future talks, Hermidas Bavand noted