Muslims can form joint legal council: Judiciary chief

July 26, 2007 - 0:0

RABAT, Morocco (IRIB) -- Muslim countries can form a joint legal council, Head of Iran’s Judiciary told Rabat-based Al-Tajdid Newspaper on Wednesday.

Ayatollah Mahmud-Hashemi Shahrudi said his trip to Morocco is aimed at strengthening Tehran-Rabat ties in judicial field and to pave the ground for setting up joint legal committees and councils. Ayatollah Shahrudi said a consultative council will be formed at the level of supreme judges of the Islamic countries in the near future adding that the council's role is valuable in solving the Muslim world's current challenges. After analyzing the two countries' judicial issues in a joint session attended by the two sides' legal experts, agreements were made for forming judicial and legal relations. The accords will be signed by the two sides during Moroccan Judiciary Minister's trip to Tehran. The Judiciary Head termed the formation of local dispute-settling juries as one of the precious experiences in Iran's judicial system and said Morocco has decided to make use of this idea. On the formation of the Muslim countries' joint legal coucil, he underlined that if the idea is clarified for the Muslim countries they will greet it. Head of Iran's Judiciary System rejected Western propaganda against Islamic countries notably Iran and said, ""People in the world have awakened and will not be deceived by these malicious propaganda, because they all know that America is after its own sinister goals under the name of democracy and freedom.