Invoking the spirit of Christmas

December 24, 2007 - 0:0

We send greetings, best wishes and peace to all Christian women, mothers and their families throughout the world. May the celebration of the coming to earth of the great soul of the Prophet Jesus be accompanied by the spirit of love and compassion for the whole of mankind. May the true spirit and meaning of his teachings be embodied by disciples of light who have the wisdom and knowledge to attract positive forces from the universe towards this strife-ridden planet.

Let Iranians of all faiths join in this celebration of the birth anniversary of Christ and exalt the spirit of his holy mother by offering gifts of poetry from the pure souls of Persian mystics.
We bring these verses of light, hope and peace from across the eons of time and from outside all worldly boundaries to offer in friendship to our Christian brothers and sisters. They show how familiar were the Muslim sages with the attributes, character and lives of Christ and his revered mother.
These stanzas by Rumi describe the appearance of the angel Gabriel when he came to tell Mary that she was to give birth to the holy child, Christ --
Mary saw a very life-increasing form4 in (her) solitary place-- a life-increasing (and) heart-stealing (form).
(Right) in front of her, that Faithful Spirit5 rose up from the face of the earth, like the moon and the sun.
A beauty without a veil rose up from the earth, in the same manner as the sun rises up from the east.
Masnavi 111 verses 3701-3703 Ibrahim Gamard translation
The following verses of universal beauty and meaning were written by the poet Hafez and are engraved on the interior eastern wall of his mausoleum in Shiraz.
“If thou, like Christ, be pure and single–hearted, Who once ascended far beyond the sky, Thy life will shine with beams of light, whereby The Sun will brighten by thy light imparted.
This Christmas falls as the year dedicated to the Persian poet and mystic Rumi is drawing to a close. In these verses, often found written above the doorways of churches in Iran, Rumi pays tribute to Christ and recalls the mission of this divine prophet.
(Isa is the Arabic form of the name Jesus)
The house of Isa was the banquet of men of heart. O afflicted one quit not this door.
From all sides the people ever thronged, Many blind and lame, halt and afflicted,
At the door of the house of Isa at dawn, That with his breath he might heal their ailments.
As soon as he had finished his orisons
He pondered those impotent folk sitting, Troop by troop, at his door in hope and expectation.
He spoke do them saying -‘O stricken ones, The desires of you all have been granted by God,
Arise, walk without pain or affliction, Acknowledge the mercy and beneficence of God.”
Then all, like camels whose feet are shackled, When you loose their feet on the road,
Straightway rush in JOY and delight to the halting place, So did they upon their feet at his command.
(Translation Whinfield)
May Allah send peace and blessings upon the Prophet Jesus and the holy mother Mary.