Names of qualified and disqualified Majlis hopefuls released

January 23, 2008

TEHRAN -– The Interior Ministry released on Tuesday the names of the parliamentary hopefuls whose candidacy have been either rejected or endorsed by the oversight bodies.

According to the election law, the disqualified candidates have 4 days, from January 23 to 26, to protest the results of the screening.
At this stage, supervisory commissions review the protests.
The disqualified candidates are provided with the opportunity to protest again on February 3 to 22.
The vetting process lasted for 10 days.
In a statement released on Tuesday, the election headquarters asked those who want to protest their rejection to submit the required documents to the supervisory commissions to prove their competence.
About 40 percent of the 7,200 people who have registered to run in the March parliament election have a record with the authorities, a senior official said Monday.
Alireza Afshar, head of election headquarters, did not elaborate on what kind of record they had, but hopefuls in past votes in a similar position were barred.
Banned NCP candidates
Political figures Javad Eta’at and Abolfazl Shakouri, former MP Elyas Hazrati and Mohammad-Javad Haqshenas, former Gilan province’s governor Masoud Soltanifar, and former Tehran mayor Morteza Alviri of the National Confidence Party are among the hopefuls banned from running for the March elections, Iranian Student News Agency (ISNA) quoted Haqshenas, a member of the NCP central committee, as saying.
The NCP is headed by former Majlis speaker Mahdi Karrubi who ran unsuccessfully for president in 2004.
Results may change
However, Ebrahim Razini, the chairman of the electoral supervisory commission of the Tehran constituency, told ISNA that the results might change.
""After our reviews, it is possible that those who have been disqualified provide new documents and we confirm their qualification for running in the elections.""
""It is even possible that we change our mind about those who have been recognized as competent for candidacy.""
The provincial supervisory commissions will examine the complaints from January 27 to February 2