Tehran Symphony Orchestra to commemorate Imam Khomeini

May 29, 2008 - 0:0

TEHRAN -- The Tehran Symphony Orchestra will be performing a series of concerts at Tehran’s Vahdat Hall to commemorate the late Imam Khomeini on the eve of the anniversary of his death, which occurred on June 3, 1989.

A repertoire featuring memorable Iranian pieces has been arranged for a three-night program, which will begin on May 29.
“The Hegira of the Sun”, “The Phoenix”, “Victory”, “Khomeini O Imam”, and “Alas” will be performed by the orchestra, conducted by Manuchehr Sahbaii.
“The pieces are the extraordinary works that were performed in the heat of the Islamic Revolution, when Imam Khomeini returned to Iran from exile as well as on the occasion of his death,” Hadi Azarm of the Iranian Music Association said during a press conference on Tuesday.
“The pieces had been forgotten for years, but I’m glad to see that they are being brought back into the spotlight,” he added.