IAEA clears all so-called concerns: statement

May 31, 2008 - 0:0

LONDON (IRNA) -- Iran has welcomed the clearing all outstanding issues with the International Atomic Energy Agency related to the country’s civilian nuclear program.

“Iran has removed any so-called ‘concerns’ or ‘ambiguities’ with regard to its peaceful nuclear activities in the past and at present,” the Iranian Embassy in London said following the publication of the latest IAEA report on May 26.
“As declared in the previous IAEA reports, the Work Plan which was concluded between Iran and the IAEA is fully implemented and six outstanding issues have been completely resolved,” the Embassy said.
“The landmark accomplishment (is) in resolving the outstanding issues which has only been possible through Iran’s goodwill and proactive cooperation with the IAEA far beyond its treaty obligations,” it said in a statement.
As reflected in the IAEA reports, the statement said that it “attests to the fact that the allegations made by certain countries about Iran’s peaceful nuclear program have been, from the beginning, totally baseless.”
On the creation of the so-called Alleged Studies issue, the Embassy said it has “not been an outstanding issue between Iran and the IAEA and is a baseless allegation made by certain circles to undermine the positive momentum created in Iran’s cooperation.” But as yet another indication of its seriousness of cooperation and its determination in leaving no stones unturned, it said Iran “has cooperated seriously with the agency on the questions related to this matter too.”
“All these sincere cooperation on the part of Iran has been displayed while it has been clear from the outset that the allegations are totally false and while - as stated in the most recent IAEA report,” the Embassy statement said.
“Even the agency has not been in possession of all the so-called documents related to these allegations, let alone being able to provide Iran with necessary documents in this regard,” it also pointed out.