Larijani calls on Islamic countries to find practical steps to resolve Palestine issue

September 21, 2008 - 0:0

TEHRAN -- Iranian Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani, in separate telephone conversations with his Syrian, Lebanese, Bahraini and Azeri counterparts, said the Islamic countries must seek “serious and practical” steps to resolve the Palestine issue.

Larijani’s call came as Muslims across the world will mark the Qods International Day on September 26.
Larijani told speaker of the Syrian People’s Assembly Mahmud al-Abrash that Islamic countries must cooperatively act against Israeli regime’s crimes in Palestine.
He slammed the indifference of the Western and certain Arab countries toward the sufferings of the Palestinian nation.
Larijani noted that over the past few days, Iranian lawmakers have issued statements condemning Israeli atrocities against the people of Palestine.
He added that Muslim nations should seek a collective action to counter Zionists' atrocious acts and support Palestinians in their struggle for freedom.
Larijani also asked al-Abrash and the Syrian parliament to unveil the plots of certain states which are seeking compromise with the Israeli regime.
Al-Abrash vowed that Syria will pursue the problems of Palestinians through its representative to the Arab League.
--------International efforts
Larijani and his Lebanese counterpart Nabih Berri also stressed the need for international efforts to defend the Palestinian people.
The senior Iranian lawmaker said an indifference toward the agonies of Palestinians will “encourage Zionists to increase their pressure” on the native residents of this land.
Berri thanked Iran for its support of Palestinians and emphasized the importance of unity among Palestinian resistance groups in their fight against Zionists.
……………… Islamic duty
Defending Palestinian nation is an Islamic duty, Larijani told Khalifa bin Ahmad al-Zahrani, the Bahraini parliament speaker.
Larijani said that Israeli behavior is an indication of the problems within the Israeli establishment and the fact that Tel Aviv wants to deflect attention away from domestic problems.
The Islamic countries must use their “political and diplomatic” clout to help ease restrictions imposed on Palestinians.
Bahraini Parliament speaker expressed his thanks for Iran’s stance toward the Palestine issue and its spiritual support for Palestinian resistance. He said his country will do everything to help the Palestinian nation.
The Zionist regime has stepped up crimes against the Palestinian people by placing them under harsh conditions, Larijani told his Azeri counterpart Oktay Asadov over phone.
Asadov said Azeri National Assembly firmly believes that all Muslim sates should stand united to defend the Palestinian people and strive for settlement of their problems