Tehran Municipality honors Islamic Revolution artists

February 9, 2009

TEHRAN -- The Art and Cultural Organization of Tehran Municipality honored artists who created memorable works on the Islamic Revolution during a ceremony at the Tafakkor Cultural Center on Saturday.

Artists Jamshid Jam, Hossein Partovi, Parviz Beigi-Habibabadi, Hamid Nadimi, Reza Ruygari and Hassan Riahi were honored during the event.
The director of the organization Majid Sarsangi spoke briefly during the ceremony, calling the Islamic Revolution a cultural phenomenon, which changed the Western culture that prevailed prior to the Islamic Revolution in Iran.
Before the Islamic Revolution of 1979, Iranians were distanced from Islamic values and religious issues, which are part of their identity. The revolution gathered artists to present a true picture of Iran to the world, he mentioned.
Singer Jamshid Jam, who was commemorated for his memorable revolutionary song “Yar-e Dabestani-e Man”, expressed some memories of the days of the revolution saying that the song belongs to all Iranians from every social class and occupation.
Actor Reza Ruygari for his famous hit “Oh Iran” sung during the first days of the revolution, poet Parviz Beigi-Habibabadi for his compositions on the Iran-Iraq war (1980-88) and photographer Hossein Partovi for his pictures taken during the first days of Islamic Revolution were all honored.
Tehran municipality also paid tribute to designer Hamid Nadimi for creation of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s flag emblem using the name of Allah, singer Mohammad Golriz for his revolutionary songs and Hassan Riahi for composition of Iran’s national anthem.