SMS messages rise to 110 million a day amid presidential campaigns

June 11, 2009 - 0:0

Davoud Zareian, director of the Public Relations department in Iran’s Telecommunication Company, has said the number of SMS text messages has increased to 110 million a day as news of the presidential campaigns have been heating up.

This figure was between 55 to 65 million a day before the official presidential campaigns started, he added.
Qom Seminary Teachers Society: Next president must represent all people
In a statement released on Wednesday the Qom Seminary Teachers Society called on people to take part massively in the Friday’s presidential elections.
The statement said according to the Constitution, president, as the chairman of the executive body, has a great authority and therefore it is a religious duty to take part in the election and vote for the most qualified person.
The teachers union also said a huge turnout will attract the world’s attention, neutralize plots by enemies, and guarantee the Islamic Revolution for many years to come. The union also said people’s massive participation once again will prove that the Iranian nation deserve to serve as an example for other nations in the world.
In their statement the society stated that anybody who is elected president should be the representative of all people and not a particular group or party and all people with whatever political persuasion should help him.
Larijani: Election fervor is an asset
Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said on Wednesday that the election fervor among the youth is an “asset”. “In this election we are witnessing an extremely high fervor for election among the people particularly the youth and this is an asset.” He said this fervor is associated with “wisdom” among the electorate.
The top politician said this enthusiasm surely gives “energy” to Iran, adding, “The role of people in today’s condition is highly valuable.”
He also said rival political factions drew their horns in the presidential campaigns and people with different persuasions are provided the chance to vote for their favorite candidate.
High turnout will increase Iran’s power in international arena
Foreign Ministry spokesman Hassan Qashqavi has said that a massive turnout in election will increase Iran’s power in the international arena.
“Undoubtedly, every one more vote will boost the power of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the international scene,” he told the ISNA news agency in an interview released on Wednesday.
The presence of 400 foreign journalists in Iran and the live televised debates between the candidates indicate that the country is among the most democratic nations in the world, Qashqavi observed.
Armed forces chief of staff urges maximum participation
Iran’s armed forces chief of staff has released a statement saying people’s maximum participation in the Friday’s election is a deterrent factor against the enemies.
“It is evident that the maximum participation of people will create a preventive factor in the face of the enemies of the Islamic Revolution and the satanic plots of their mercenaries,” the statement said.
It added the people’s participation will hasten the advances of the nation.
MP urges massive turnout
MP Mahdi Kuchakzadeh called for a massive turnout in Friday election. “Fortunately, we see an enthusiasm among the people to vote for their candidate of interest,” he told the MNA on Wednesday.
Russian Iranologist: Election in Iran is democratic
Russian Iranologist Mikhail Bogolubov has stated that presidential campaigns in Iran are held in a democratic climate.
Pointing to the government’s respect to people’s vote, the Russian Iranologist said that presidential election is an important event in Iran.
The most important point in the election is people’s votes, he told the IRNA news agency in Moscow.
Iranians in UAE buoyant of democracy at home
A group of Iranians residing in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) believe that the Iranians’ enthusiasm for participation in Friday’s presidential elections indicates their political and social maturity.
The group said the holding of frequent elections, which their results are not predictable till the last moment, is an indication that there is real democracy in Iran. They also said Iranians will vote for a competent candidate after examinations.