IRIB to spice up Ramadan evenings with special series

August 22, 2009 - 0:0

TEHRAN -- Over the past few years Iranians have got used to watching special TV series produced for the holy month of Ramadan.

After the evening azan, streets take on an air of silence and desertion whilst people sit in front of their TVs for hours, frequently changing channels to keep up with the story lines of their favorite TV series. For many, the programs become compulsive viewing and little time is left for other duties or even rest.
People are now prepared for the holy month of Ramadan and IRIB (The Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting) is also ready with its programs.
Coinciding with the first day of Ramadan on Saturday, a variety of programs is expected to be aired on different channels.
It is important to mention that based on the recent proposal initiated by the Islamic Ideology Dissemination Organization, the broadcasting of TV series will not begin until one hour after the evening azan, providing the chance for people to attend special social programs arranged by mosques at the time of Iftar.
The series “Passing through Autumn” by director Masud Shah-Mohammadi will probably be the first program of the evening and will be broadcast on channel 2 at 21:30. The series features the story of a wealthy man who feels like retiring and leaving all his work for his daughters to take on.
Mehran Rajabi, Ramin Rastad, Borzu Arjmand and Shirin Bina are among the cast members.
IRIB’s channel 1 will be entertaining viewers with the series “The Ladder of the Sky”.
This epic work in the historical genre portrays the life of Ghiyath ad-Din Jamshid Masud Kashani (1380-1429), one of the greatest Islamic Iranian mathematicians and astronomers.
Starring Vahid Jalilvand, Shabnam Qolikhani, and Borzu Arjmand, the series has been directed by Mohammad-Hossein Latifi.
Of course, it’s possible that some people, after the day’s fasting will not be up to fully appreciating this monumental work. This might be a pity as it is a great dramatic venture produced by Sima Films, a studio affiliated to IRIB.
Director Alireza Afkhami has this year come up with a new project “The Fifth Sun” starring Hamid Gudarzi, Shabnam Qolikhani, Mehdi Soluki, and Maryam Kaviani.
The storyline is based around a strange antique object found by two friends. The unusual item gives people the opportunity to travel into the future. The series will be aired on channel 3.
IRIB will be discontinuing some of its programs and series during Ramadan, others will continue, but on a changed schedule.
Those who were following the comic story of the series “Shamsolemareh” directed by Saman Moqaddam (TV channel 2), will have to wait for one month -- it will be back after Ramadan.
The Syrian TV series “Plot” and the Turkish series “The Keys to Secrets” will continue to be broadcast on channel 2 and 3 respectively.
In addition, a new project named “From Azan to Azan” has been undertaken to encourage moviegoers to watch their favorite films during Ramadan.
The on-screen movies will continue from the evening azan to 2:00am, giving young people the opportunity to enjoy the special nights of Ramadan during this hot summer season.
Several cinema halls in Tehran will be cooperating in this project, including Chamran and Iran.
Photo: Vahid Jalilvand stars as Ghiyath ad-Din Jamshid Masud Kashani in “The Ladder of the Sky”, a TV series on the Iranian mathematician and astronomer.