President: Opposition to subsidy plan is ‘politically motivated’

December 7, 2009 - 0:0

ISFAHAN - President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said some are “unreasonably frightening” the public about the implementation of the economic reform plan “out of political motivations”.

The economic reform plan is aimed at cutting energy and bread subsidies. However, the money gained from freeing up the prices will be paid to families with lower incomes in the form of cash.
According to the parliamentary approval the plan must be implemented within a five-year period.
Talking live on local Isfahan TV on Tuesday night, the president said if the plan is implemented “there will be no poor person in the country” and no person will be subjected to economic hardship.
He said those who are opposed to his plan were among those who were pushing for a total cut of subsidies in the past. He said at the time persons like he himself opposed cutting subsidies without compensatory measures but the proponents said “some people must be crushed in the country’s development path.”
The president argued when the plan goes into effect the public’s economic status will “definitely improve.”
He said the current subsidy system has led to low productivity in agriculture and industry and the people are “indifferent” to calls by the Oil Ministry to use energy efficiently.
The current subsidy system is a waste of resources which should be reversed, the president noted.
“We do not use our resources properly and this should be cured.