Ahmadinejad’s proposals for global nuclear disarmament

May 4, 2010 - 0:0

UNITED NATIONS - President Ahmadinejad put forward a set of proposals for ridding the world of the scourge of nuclear weapons.

Ahmadinejad also condemned the continued possession of nuclear weapons by the United States and others.
He also said, “I invite Mr. Barack Obama the respectful president of the United States… to be committed to his motto of change.”
The president, who was addressing delegates from 189 nations, also said there is ""not a single credible proof"" that Iran is developing nuclear weapons as claimed by certain Western countries.
Following is an excerpt of the president’s speech on Monday to the NPT review conference in New York:
I should underline that in the absence of sustainable security it is impossible to adopt a comprehensive policy for triggering development.
The production and possession of nuclear bombs is hazardous and pose a serious concern to the health and security of the world.
The sole purpose of nuclear weapons is to annihilate people… which are harmful for future generations… and would leave negative impact on environment.
Possession of nuclear weapons is not a source of pride rather it is disgusting and shameful.
Some states including Israel are equipped with nuclear arms despite international attempts for disarmament.
The world should be looking into policies of certain states and the efficacy of the NPT.
Unfortunately, the main cause of escalation of arms race is a reliance on a theory of seeking superiority through threatening others …and such a theory has led to nuclear arms race.
Possession of nuclear weapons by the U.S and its allies became the main source of encouragement for nuclear arm race.
It is a misperception that nuclear weapon is a means of deterrence… and a misperception that it is OK to use nuclear weapons.
The Zionist regime threatens some countries with its nuclear weapons as well.
However, numerous resolutions are being adopted by the nuclear weapons states… to deny other states of the right to get access to peaceful nuclear technology.
The Western countries have failed to provide a single proof to substantiate their allegation against Iran.
One of the gravest injustices committed by nuclear-armed states is equating nuclear weapon with nuclear technology.
They seek exclusive use of nuclear technology while imposing their will on others and such acts are illegal.
U.S. has never respected its commitments and recently the U.S. administration announced that it neither produces nor attacks other states. What are the guarantees that the U.S. would live up to its commitments?
Under Nuclear Posture Review some members of the IAEA have been excluded from nuclear attack.
The Western countries have recently raised the issue of nuclear terrorism to maintain and upgrade their weapons and to direct world attention to the phony matters.
To realize the main aspiration to disarm the world from nuclear weapons I put forward a set of proposals:
. Nuclear disarmament should become the core of the mandate of transparent and binding mechanism;
. An immediate termination of all types of research, development and their related facilities of nuclear weapons;
. The adoption of a legally biding instrument on the full prohibition, stockpiling, and maintaining nuclear arsenals;
. Suspension of the membership to the board of governors of the IAEA for those which use or threaten to use nuclear weapons and those states who prevented the IAEA to perform its mandate;
. Considering any threat to use nuclear weapons or attack against peaceful nuclear facilities as a breach of international security;
. Dismantling nuclear weapons in the U.S and other countries;
. Collective efforts to reform structure of the United Nations Security Council