How to Manage Your Appetite

March 7, 2011 - 0:0

Let’s face it we all over eat from time to time and like anyone who has ever over eaten you feel bad about it afterwards. Trying to control your appetite is like trying to hold your breath; you can not do it for so long.

The best alternative is to manage your appetite so that you can enjoy the foods that you eat but not over indulge in them. It is not the poison that kills a person, it's the dosage. In this article I will go over some quick and simple ways to control your appetite.
- Consume protein
A diet high in protein tends to help manage appetite. Consume at least two to three protein shakes a day, this habit will help you level out your blood sugar throughout ultimately helping you manage that starving feeling you get when you have not eaten enough all day long.
- Snack all day long
People get fat because they eat a lot all at once and then don't eat again for hours. This is the classic business model for gaining weight, instead I urge you to snack on almonds or grapes or granola or anything healthy you can get your hands on every 2 hours.
The reason is that at meal time you eat less, because your blood sugar levels are constant and balanced.
- Drink lots of fluids
When I say fluids, that does not include sugary drinks or soda. There have been many studies done on how water plays a key role in helping manage the urge to over eat.
It won’t stop you from eating however if you consume more water than you take food, you tend to trick the system in your body that alerts you to be hungry into believing it's full.
- Eat all your big meals early
Your metabolism is always higher during the early hours of the day and lower during the evening. If you eat larger meals in the day particularly breakfasts you will tend to eat less throughout the whole day.