Three most fattening fast foods

March 7, 2011 - 0:0

This Article has been added to your favorites. View your profile Fast food restaurants are quick to tout their low-cal entrees while actively promoting the menu items that are high in calories---and in prices.

You may order what you think is a healthy food, such as a submarine sandwich piled high with veggies, only to discover that it is off the charts in fat and high in calories.
Nutrition facts may list calorie counts minus the usual condiments and extras that you probably take for granted. Note which of these already fattening foods you ""supersize"" at the drive-through.
- Double Hamburger
The U.S. Department of Agriculture Nutrient Database averages fast food nutrients in entree servings, which vary by restaurant. Double-patty hamburgers are the winners in the fattening food contest. One sandwich with condiments has about 580 calories, with 32g of fat.
In an average 2,000-calorie diet, that represents more than 25 percent of total calories and nearly 50 percent of the fat intake recommended for the whole day. And that doesn't count side dishes or drinks.
But who stops there? Adding a slice of cheese and two strips of bacon adds about 230 calories and 13g of fat.
Among the advertised fast food burgers, the Burger King Triple Whopper With Cheese carries a whopping 1,250 calories and 84g of fat, far exceeding the daily 65g fat total suggested by the Food and Drug Administration. Substitute a salad for a savings of about 1,150 calories and 78g of fat.
- Tuna Submarine Sandwich
Tuna seems like a healthy food, but when high-fat mayonnaise is added to it, the nutritional value drops. Fast food tuna submarine sandwiches (6-inch roll, about 580 calories, 28g fat) are one of the most fattening foods you can buy at a convenience restaurant, and that's without any extra dressing.
Subway store advertising also encourages consumers to add extra cheese and bacon to a sandwich that is high in calories and fat to begin with.
If you regularly order a foot-long sub instead, you enter the realm of the Whopper, nutritionally speaking. A lean roast beef sandwich (6-inch roll, about 410 calories, 13g fat), or one made with another low-fat meat, represents a more healthy food choice.
- Taco
The innocent taco is high in calories from a number of its possible ingredients: ground beef, refried beans, cheese, avocado and sour cream. One large taco has 570 calories and 32g of fat. Even a small taco (370 calories, 21g fat) has nearly one-third of the recommended daily limit of fat.
Taco Bell stores want you to eat more of these fattening foods as an advertised ""Fourthmeal."" If you must eat more than three meals per day, choose a healthy food on a fast food Mexican restaurant menu, such as a bean and cheese burrito (190 calories, 6g fat).