Is clothing a women-only issue?

March 7, 2011 - 0:0

The Fashion and Dress Exhibition is being held in Tehran, March 5-9, in a bid to introduce creative designers and supporting the designs based on Iranian-Islamic art and culture.

The exhibition, aims at providing the domestic consumers with new designs of dress being in accordance with their national identity.
However, the point which is raised in the exhibition is that the designers have only presented women’s outfits and the manly dresses are missing.
Do only women wear a dress?
Everywhere in the history of Iran that we observe the dress of the people of an area or a culture, the manly and womanly dress are seen next to each other.
The outfit of people, either men or women, is the demonstrator of the cultural values, lifestyle and the climate of the area in which a group of people are living in.
The outfit of a person, in most cases, is an indictor of his/her inner personality.
Dose the exhibition give much value to womanly dresses or is it limiting the personality of women to their appearance disregarding their inner characteristics