Omanis plan to continue protests against Qaboos

March 9, 2011 - 0:0

MUSCAT (UPI)- Protesters in Oman said they plan to continue their peaceful demonstrations despite the major cabinet reshuffle announced by Sultan Qaboos.

A spokesman for the protesters told UPI that the demonstrations would continue because the group has wider goals.
“We are thankful to Sultan Qaboos for making changes to the cabinet and removing some corrupt names,” said Ahmad al Sejawi. “We want to make sure by changing the constitution that there's no room for any corruption.”
Sejawi was among some 2,000 demonstrators who gathered outside the Shura Council office in Muscat and cheered news of the cabinet reshuffle.
Two bulls were sacrificed Tuesday to celebrate the sacking of the ministers.
Sultan Qaboos tried to ease tensions on Sunday by promising 50,000 jobs, unemployment benefits of $390 a month and to study widening the power of the Shura Council.
However, these decisions failed to stop the protests in the capital Muscat and the northern industrial city of Sohar, where the unrest began.
Oman is a non-OPEC oil exporter that pumps around 850,000 barrels per day and has strong military and political ties to Washington.
The Oman protests are part of a wave sweeping across the Arab world and Middle East. However, unlike in other countries such as Libya and Egypt, demonstrators in Oman have only voiced discontent with officials, but not the ruler.