Iraqi protesters call for jobs and better services

March 13, 2011 - 0:0

BAGHDAD (AFP) — Hundreds of Iraqi protesters demanded jobs and better basic services on Friday, in the latest challenge to the government as a wave of popular uprisings sweeps across the Arab world.

Some 500 protesters turned up in Baghdad's Tahrir Square and about as many in the city of Fallujah west of the capital.
Iraq's government has been shaken by a string of rallies across the country since the beginning of February, inspired by uprisings that forced out the presidents of Tunisia and Egypt.
“'No' to unemployment, 'Yes' to jobs,” read one of the banners at the Baghdad protest.
Layla Saleh Yaseen, 43, said she wanted more government food rations for the poor and improved basic services like electricity.
About 500 protesters in Fallujah voiced similar demands, with small protests of less than 200 in the cities of Basra, Najaf, Hilla and near Ramadi.