Obama and Bush not so far apart: Majlis speaker

March 17, 2011 - 0:0

TEHRAN - Iranian Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani has said that U.S. President Barack Obama is somehow a repeat of the former president of the country, George W. Bush, since he has not acted on his slogan of change.

“It seems that the Libyan scenario is similar to the scenario of (U.S.) dealing with (former Iraqi dictator) Saddam (Hussein) because in Iraq they (the U.S.) first destroyed the infrastructure, then imposed sanctions (on him) and afterwards launched a military action with infantry,” Larijani said on Thursday.
Larijani stated, “Obama’s (recent) statements (on Libya) disclosed (the U.S.) behind-the-scenes intentions because they are currently destroying the buildings in Libya so as to take control of part of Libya and then establish their dominance over Libya and its vast (oil) reserves through another plan.”
“So it is made clear that Obama is no different than Bush and the great discrepancy between his words and deeds is ignominous for a country like the U.S. that chants many slogans,” he stated.
“However, the people will never forget this treachery,” Larijani added.
Arab uprisings revealed U.S. dishonesty
Elsewhere in his remarks, the Iranian parliament speaker said that the popular uprisings that rocked the Arab world exposed the U.S. dishonesty.
“Fortunately, one of the important achievements of the grass-root uprisings was to reveal the U.S. dishonesty. The West, particularly the United States, was deceiving the people by chanting pro-democracy slogans and expressing support for human rights. But now it has been revealed that what is important for them is oil and the interests of their commercial firms.