Art news in brief

April 18, 2011 - 0:0

Munich festival to screen Iran’s “My Mother, Oak”

TEHRAN -- The Iranian documentary “My Mother, Oak” will be shown at the 26th Munich International Film Festival (DOK.FEST) which will take place from May 4 to 11.
The film, which portrays the destruction of trees by industry and human beings’ avarice, will go on screen at the Horizon Section of the festival.
The Horizons Award (3,000 EUR) of the festival is dedicated to directors who have created documentaries that boldly engage issues of human rights, social justice, the environment and sustainable development.
Iranian theater scholar to give lecture at Dutch conference
TEHRAN -- Renowned Iranian scholar Farindokht Zahedi will lecture at the 17th Performance Studies international conference which will be held from May 25 to 29 in Utrecht, the Netherlands.
Entitled “Camillo 2.0: Memory, Technology, Experience”, the conference is an initiative of Theatre Studies at Utrecht University and the Festival aan de Werf.
The program combines the most productive elements of international theory and practice to ensure maximum interaction between scholars and artists.
British cineaste Ranvaud to attend Kish festival
TEHRAN -- The British film producer and film journalist Donald Ranvaud will attend the Kish International Film Festival which will be held from April 24 to 28.
He has had producing roles in a number of Oscar-nominated films including “The Constant Gardener” (2005), “City of God” (2002), “Central Station” (1998) and “Farewell My Concubine” (1993). He is now best known for his work in the Latin American film industry, especially in Brazil and Bolivia.
Over 700 films have been submitted to the festival by filmmakers from India, Turkey, Azerbaijan Republic, Armenian Republic, Russia, Great Britain, Canada, South Korea, Japan, France and several other countries..