IAEA declares Pakistan nuclear program safe

April 26, 2011 - 0:0

ISLAMABAD (APP) -- International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on Monday declared the nuclear program of Pakistan as safe and secure and appreciated the obvious dedication to the safety and security of the regulators as well of operators.

Talking exclusively to APP on the sidelines of “International seminar on nuclear safety and security”, held here from 21-23 April, Deputy Director General IAEA Denis Flory said the IAEA emphasizes the importance of national responsibility for security, which Pakistan takes seriously. In fact, Pakistan has had an Action Plan in place to strengthen nuclear security since 2006, he added.
Giving details he said this plan covers such items as Management of Radioactive Sources; Nuclear Security Emergency Co-ordination Center (NuSECC); Locating and Securing Orphan Radioactive Sources.
Pakistan has worked with the agency to implement that plan and to provide resources for its implementation, he maintained.
For example, he said, Pakistan is the 10th largest contributor to the Nuclear Security Fund, contributing $1.16 million. This is an example of their strong leadership and commitment as well as their serious approach to nuclear security in the course of implementing its action plan.
Additionally, over 200 people from Pakistan have attended IAEA training courses, he went on to add.