Persian Press Review

April 28, 2011 - 0:0

This column features excerpts from editorials, commentaries, interviews, and news articles of the leading Iranian newspapers and websites.

Wednesday’s headlines
KAYHAN: New price of bread in Tehran Province announced
JAME JAM: Referendum to be held about removing zeros from the national currency, central bank governor announces
HAMSHAHRI: Majlis approves draft of national budget bill
JAVAN: A new case against Mehdi Hashemi (son of Rafsanjani) is on judiciary desk
TAFAHOM: 67 countries will participate in Tehran book fair
HEMAYAT: Rafsanjani says the main goal of subsidy reform plan should not be ignored
MELLATEMA: Political dispute between Iran and Bahrain; Bahrain expels the second secretary of the Iranian embassy
MELLATEMA: IRGC economic contracts are transparent, commander says
FARHIKHTEGAN: Medvedev will return the Kremlin’s ‘key’ to Putin
GODS: Russia to sell Tupolev aircraft Tu-204SM to Iran
SHARQ: We will turn supermarkets into gold coin dealers if necessary, central banker says
IRAN: New plan to curb rising house rent prices
Leading articles
JAVAN in a news report quotes Ayatollah Seyyed Hashem Hosseini Bushehri as saying that enemies will take the dream of dual power in Iran to the grave. The enemies are seeking to find an issue in order to blow it out of proportion and launch a propaganda campaign, he said in an indirect reference to the row created over the resignation of the intelligence and the Supreme Leader’s opposition to the resignation. Hosseini Bushehri, a member of the Assembly of Experts, said through such ploys the enemies are trying very hard to deflect the public attention from the Islamic awakening movements in the Middle East and North Africa to unimportant things. The member of the Assembly of Experts also said as the Supreme Leader said, the concept of dual power which is raised by the enemies is unfounded. He went on to say that experience shows that whenever the governments (successive administrations) have come to power through public support, they have succeeded to achieve their goals with the backing of the Leadership.
MELLATEMA in an opinion piece says the story of two patients - who were abandoned by a state-run hospital’s ambulance in a farmland around Tehran as they had not been able to afford hospital costs - is not something which can be easily ignored. This issue casts doubt on the commitments of the health bodies in fulfilling their responsibilities towards patients. The incident has also raised great concern over how patients are being treated in medical centers. The writer in his article titled “What Will the Woman Minister Do?” goes on to say that people including those who have witnessed such an incident have the right to scold health ministry directors and seek punishment for them. When the staff of a hospital who have become oblivious of their humane and professional job and carry two patients - who reportedly were suffering from bone fractions and burnings – to outside the hospital and abandon them outside the city then how people should think about the commitment of the health ministry officials and the chairmen of these hospitals. The writer also says it is expected that the Majlis form a committee to launch a probe into the performance of the public-funded health sector to find out about the culture of responsibility by health workers and prevent the occurrence of such incidents.