Iran to establish 5 irradiation centers

May 1, 2011 - 0:0

TEHRAN, April 30 (MNA) -- Iran plans to establish 5 irradiation centers across the country, said an official from the presidential office.

The project will hugely benefit the scientific centers of the country, Hassan Rahimi said during a ceremony to inaugurate the second irradiation center in Bonab, East Azerbaijan, on Saturday.
He also said the scheme will benefit the whole region.
Irradiation is the process by which an item is exposed to radiation. The exposure can originate from any of various sources, including those occurring naturally, or as part of a mechanical process, or otherwise. In common usage the term refers specifically to ionizing radiation, and to a level of radiation that will serve that specific purpose, rather than radiation exposure to normal levels of background radiation or abnormal levels of radiation due to accidental exposure. This term also applies to 'non-ionizing radiation as microwaves or to low frequency (50/60 Hz power supply), high frequency (as cellular phones, radio and TV transmissions)