‘Military intervention in Bahrain threatens Saudi security’

May 2, 2011 - 0:0

TEHRAN – Major General Hassan Firouzabadi has said that Saudi Arabia’s military intervention in Bahrain to put down the popular uprising will threaten the Saudi kingdom’s national security.

“Saudi Arabia will not achieve any success in Bahrain. Saudis’ unfair and un-Islamic actions will arouse Muslims’ emotions in this country and will threaten the Saudi Arabia’s security,” the chairman of Iran’s Joint Chiefs of Staff told the Mehr News Agency on Sunday.
“Saudi Arabia has been deeply troubled by the revolution in Bahrain and the popular movement in Yemen on two sides of its territories and is also worried about popular uprisings in Egypt, Jordan, Libya, and Tunisia,” he stated.
The military official also pointed to the role of the United States in the suppression of Bahraini protesters, saying the U.S. ordered Saudi Arabia to dispatch troops because it was not able to directly intervene in Bahrain.
“The U.S. has a military base in Bahrain, so it is concerned (about the political situation in this country),” he said.
“But considering its internal situation and budget deficit, the international situation, and people’s opposition, the U.S. was unable to launch a new war, so it ordered Saudi Arabia, as it mercenary, to repress the popular revolution in Bahrain so that the U.S. can retain its military base in Bahrain,” he added.