Iranian, French companies team up for film version of Dieudonné play

May 23, 2011 - 0:0

TEHRAN -- Les productions de la Plume, a French company belonging to Holocaust denying director Dieudonné M’bala M’bala, and Iran’s Haft Aseman Cinematic Company (HACC) have recently inked a contract to make a film adaptation of a play entitled “The Anti-Semite”.

“Due to my anti-Zionist beliefs, I agreed to produce the film,” HACC Managing Director Mohsen Ali-Akbari told the Persian service of the Fars News Agency on Saturday.
The story of “The Anti-Semite” is set in France and shooting will begin in 45 days, he added.
Ali-Akbari said that working on the film with such a sensitive subject in France, which has a pro-Zionist for a president, poses serious dangers for the cast and crew.
“However, I will face all the dangers due to my beliefs and national devotion,” he noted.
Preliminary talks on this movie took place among Dieudonné’s company, the Iranian Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, and the Experimental and Documentary Film Center (EDFC) during Dieudonné’s visit to Tehran in November 2009.
Ali-Akbari signed the contract to produce the film as a representative of the EDFC.
He said that the film will be produced for TV screening and the home video network. “It does not have the potential for screening in movie theaters,” he added.
The film will be directed by Dieudonné with a cast and crew, whose members will be mostly Iranians.
Ali-Akbari has also purchased the copyright of Dieudonné’s film script entitled “Black Code”.
“The story of the film, which takes place in 1714, highlights the Zionists’ contributions to slavery in Europe,” Ali-Akbari said.
He plans to produce the film with an Iranian director on Kish Island in the Persian Gulf.
Paris-based Dieudonné has recently staged a play entitled “Mahmoud”, on President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s remarks at the United Nations, which cast doubts on the Holocaust.
The French have shown at this year’s Cannes film festival that they are intolerant of anti-Semitic attitudes as they expelled Danish director Lars Von Trier on Thursday for jokingly calling himself a Nazi and Hitler sympathizer.