IRGC inflicts heavy casualties on PJAK terrorists: commander

July 19, 2011 - 0:0

TEHRAN – A large number of terrorists member to the counter-revolutionary group PJAK (the Party for a Free Life in Kurdistan) have been killed during a clash with Islamic Revolution Guards Corps forces near the city of Sardasht, northwest Iran, according to a local IRGC commander.

“In a clash between IRGC forces and the counter-revolutionary elements of the PJAK terrorist group, many terrorists were killed,” Colonel Delavar Ranjbarzadeh told IRNA on Monday.
One terrorist was also arrested and a large amount of guns and explosives were seized, he said, adding only one Basiji was martyred and three were wounded.
The commander described the defeat of PJAK terrorists as “heavy and historic,” emphasizing IRGC forces currently have the upper hand over terrorists on the border between Iran and Iraq.
The PJAK group was established in 2003. Camps and bases of the group are mostly located in Iraq near the border with Iran.
On July 11, a high-ranking Iranian military official said that Iran reserves the right to attack and destroy PJAK’s terrorist camps and bases inside Iraq.