Wandering fawn rescued from stray dogs

July 5, 2015 - 0:0

TEHRAN- An official at the local Department of Environment of Zanjan Province said on Saturday that park rangers have saved a helpless young deer which was attacked and injured by shepherd dogs, IRNA reported.

Amjad Baqeri added that rangers found the deer in Sorkhabad District while he was cornered by a few dogs. It seemed the fawn had wandered off from the rest of flock earlier.

The fawn was taken to veterinary hospital for treatment, thereafter; he was handed over to the department of environment.

For now, the young male deer stays in an animal shelter and will be released to his natural habitat after a full recovery.

Shorkhabad which became a protected area in 1996 is about 122,618 hectares and is located between the northern and southern mountains of Zanjan province.