Iran says Syrian govt. stronger than start of unrest

August 8, 2015

TEHRAN - An Iranian official says Syrian President Bashar Assad is now more powerful than four years ago when the crisis started in the war-torn country.

Assad will definitely be able to stand up to the ISIL, and the Islamic Republic will support the will of the Syrian people, Farhang News website quoted Expediency Council Member Ali-Akbar Velayati as saying on Friday.

He stressed that Iran feels obliged to care about regional countries including Syria.

Velayati criticized United States Secretary of State John Kerry for holding talks over Syria in Qatar, stressing that there can be no political solution to the Syrian crisis except the one that takes into account the will of the Syrian people.

The Syrian crisis is an ongoing armed conflict taking place in Syria. The unrest began in the early spring of 2011.

In summer 2014 the ISIL used civil unrest to take a third of Syria. It established itself as the dominant force of Syrian opposition, claiming control over most of Syria's oil and gas production.