By Anthony Jacob Political analyst

KSA backstabbing Muslims

May 8, 2016

No one can deny Israel's role is killing innocent civilians in Palestine over the last 68 years. Unjustified wars, killings, torture, confiscation of property, imprisonment and detention without trial is the order of the day in Palestine. Israel's 50-day war on Gaza in 2014 that killed more than 2140 Palestinians shocked the world. The apartheid walls around Palestine are enough proof of what Israel thinks of Palestinians and how it treats them. No doubt, the world rightly knows them as the apartheid regime.

But for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which calls itself Islamic, these things do not matter. Their fellow Muslims being killed in Palestine on a daily basis does not bother them even a bit. Saudi Arabia has openly declared its friendship with a nation that considers the Palestinians (and Muslims) worse than animal and has no remorse in killing them. A government that encourages its soldiers to kill pregnant Palestinian women and thus achieve two targets with one stone is a good friend of Saudi Arabia now. For Saudi Prince Talal bin Abdul Aziz "it is a matter of pride to be the first honorary Saudi ambassador to Israel" and has promised to take Riyadh-Tel Aviv relations to great heights. The kingdom’s relations with Israel is nothing new but has just become public now. Since many years, Riyadh has shared a cozy relationship with Israel but managed to keep it under wraps to bluff the Muslims whose wealth it feeds on. 

Riyadh's role in Syria

The kingdom's support and sponsorship of takfiri terrorism in Syria is no secret anymore. Even Riyadh acknowledges that it supports the so called "rebels" in Syria to topple Bashar Al-Assad. Despite a failure to achieve its goals over the last 5 years it is continuing with its acts. Even Israel has openly declared its support for terrorists fighting in Syria, by arming them and treating the injured. The kingdom and its allies' role against Syria has caused one of the worst refugee crises in decades. And the unrest has claimed more than 400,000 lives so far, destroying a peaceful nation under their orders of their puppet masters.

Riyadh's role in Yemen

KSA's bloody aggression in Yemen is no different from Israel's previous aggressions against Palestine. Riyadh's ruthless campaign against Sana'a is a war without justification which includes brutal killing of civilians with weapons banned by international conventions and in complete violation of Security Council resolutions. This year long bombing campaign has claimed more than 18,000 lives and destroyed infrastructure beyond limits. Not just Syria and Yemen, the Al-Saud clan has its hands dipped in innocent blood of its own innocent countrymen demanding democracy and freedom of speech. The Saudi generosity in the form of weapons has so far helped neighboring Bahrain quell popular uprising by killing and torturing Bahrainis who have been fighting against a brutal monarchy and demanding equality before law and equal  rights.

The Al-Saud clan has been exploiting the wealth of Muslims and destroying them from within, for years now. It has successfully destroyed Islamic countries and waged wars against Muslims while still claiming to be custodians of the Holy mosques and the only true followers of the Quran and Islam. The Muslims need to understand the reality of the Al-Saud clan before it is too late. It is high time they open their eyes to the reality and not fall prey to this wolf in sheep's clothing.

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