Indo-EU Business Meet Begins

March 17, 1999
NEW DELHI To promote cooperation between small and medium sized enterprises (SMES) from European Union and India, a multi-sectoral business meet, the 'EU-India partenariat' 99' began here today. The two-day EU-India partenariat' 99 sees particpation by a 300- strong delegation of European Union SMES. The partenariat brings together the largest number of EU companies to India and 356 Indian SMES to discuss business identified by them, through a series of pre-programmed one to one meetings.

The meet will, focus on discussion relating to investment opportunities, business partnerships, joint ventures, collaborations and strategic alliances. India's industry minister who inaugurated the meet hoped that the business forum would ensure an oppotunity for SMES on either side to intract and produce more rapid economic growth. This will open up a window of opportunity for stronger links to be built between both.

I take this opportunity to welcome businessmen who have come to new delhi from all over europe Bakht added. The ambassador and head of the delegation, European commission in India, M.B. Mcgeever said the partenariat events had become powerful instruments for business facilitation. The EU-India Partenariat'99 is a manifestation of the European Union's faith and keen interest in the business and economic future of India. (IRNA)