Aran & Bidgol Salt Lake Declared Tourist Attraction

March 17, 1999 - 0:0
TEHRAN Manager of Cultural Heritage Department in Kashan, Saifollah Aminian, said the Cultural Heritage Organization will declare the salt lake in Aran and Bidgol a tourist attraction in the country's central region as of the next Iranian year (beginning March 21, 1999). Talking to IRNA, Aminian said salt lake is an amazing manifestation of creation, adding that after crossing over the polygon crystals of salt, one can observe a beautiful picture emerging due to the connection between the sea and the desert.

He said beside the salt lake lie the tomb of two sons of Imams (A.S.) named Halal ibn Ali (A.S.) and Hadi (A.S.), tomb of Sabah Bidgoli, Jama mosque of Nooshbad, tomb of Bibi Zainab Yazdel, the Maranjab historical caravanserai, tomb of the son of an Imam (A.S.) by the name of Faizabad and the island of Sargard in the heart of the desert, which will be visited by the tourists.

The historical castle of Taqiabad is also a vivid manifestation of nature in the heart of the desert. Some 20 families are engaged in rearing camels inside the castle. This castle is among the beautiful recreational cetners on the desert used for camel riding. Aran and Bidgol are located in the northernmost part of Isfahan Province.