Jacob's Sons, Jews or Zionists?--Part 5

May 23, 1999 - 0:0
Activities of Jews Against Zionism: The following is the list of some famous Jews fighting against Zionism: A Jewish rabbi in U.S. collected an amount of $1.5 million donations for the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). The important point in anti-Zionist demonstrations in Washington was the participation of a famous Jew rabbi, who for a long time struggled against the Zionists. Rabbi Elmer Berger delivered a speech in support of the Palestinian cause.

During the demonstrations, Mark Pece the representative of this progressive and learned rabbi, announced that Berger handed over $1.5 million donation to the PLO to support the Palestinian struggle. On October 16, 1982, a large number of Jews attended a joint rally with the Muslim students of Palestinian University of Brizeit in Bait-ul-Moqaddas. They protested against Israeli aggression of Lebanon and the massacre of Palestinian and Lebanese people in Palestinian camps of Sabra and Shatila. During the demonstrations people shouted slogans against Begin and his administration.

Some Anti-Zionist Jewish Figures: 1. A philosopher and sociologist, Izack Doycher, was born in a Jewish family in 1907 and died in Rome in 1967. Doycher's last work was an interview on Arab-Israeli war published by British press in 1967. In his interview Doycher called the Zionists anti-Jews and the enemy of the Jewish people. He said, I speak as a socialist of Jewish origin who was detained in the Nazi camps and missed his family in another camp.

I am determined to reveal the colonial and reactionary nature of the Zionist regime. 2. Lussien Steinberg was a French Jewish historian who wrote a book on the cause of the Palestine in 1970. 3. Maxim Rudenson was a French author who wrote a book against Zionism titled, The Arabs and Israelis. 4. Ahad Ha'am was a Jewish rabbi and a great Jewish philosopher of Russian origin who died few years ago.

5. Moses Mnahim, wrote a book titled, Jewish Critics of Zionism. 6. The British Jewish rabbi, Edler, was a religious leader of British Jews. He officially opposed formation of an Israeli state. 7. Nahoom Goldman was the speaker of the parliament of Jewish community in April 1976 and the former leader of the Zionist congress. The Foreign Affairs published his anti-Zionist articles in 1978. (To be continued)