Iran's Support for Lebanese Anti-Zionist Struggle to Continue

June 19, 1999 - 0:0
TEHRAN The Iranian nation and government support the struggle of the Lebanese people against the Zionist regime, Iranian Foreign Minister, Kamal Kharrazi, said in Beirut yesterday. Conferring with the Lebanese President Emile Lahoud, the Iranian Foreign Minister added, the Zionist forces must withdraw from South Lebanon unconditionally. The Israeli forces occupied South Lebanon in 1978 and installed a militia force as a proxy army there.

Unity among Lebanese ethnic groups and the Lebanese and Syrian governments is a must for successfully resisting the Zionist regime, he said. The Lebanese army and the resistance forces have a good coordination and understanding, Lahoud said, adding, unity was the reason behind the recent successes of the Lebanese forces against the Zionist regime. He called Kharrazi's visit to the country `very important'.

The Lebanese stance toward the Zionist regime will not change and that the Zionist regime should withdraw from Lebanese occupied territories unconditionally, he added. Kharrazi invited the Lebanese President to visit Iran. Iran's policy is in coordination with that of the Lebanon and Syrian against the Zionist regime and the final result of this policy will be the withdrawal of the Zionist regime from the occupied territories in South Lebanon and Golan Heights, Kharrazi told the reporters at the end of the meeting.

Expansion of Iran's relations with the regional states is in favor of all countries and that no state could meddle in others' internal affairs for their expansion of ties with Iran, Kharrazi said in reference to UAE's concern about expansion of ties between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Kharrazi also met Salim Al-Hoss the Prime Minister of Lebanon, who said, we sincerely thank Iran for its support of the Lebanon and Arab countries.

Our policy on the Middle East peace process has not changed and that the Zionist regime must withdraw from the occupied territories. We have said several times that we do not interfere in other countries internal affairs, Kharrazi said, adding, we politically, spiritually support the Islamic resistance. Kharrazi arrived in Lebanon on Thursday and is due to leave Beirut for Aman, Jordan, today.

Meanwhile, Kharrazi in a meeting with Iranians expatriates in Lebanon described that country as a land of Jihad and resistance. He said the two decades since the establishment of an Islamic sovereign state has been a period for the foundation and stability of the Islamic Revolution and today various countries have come to accept the realities of the Islamic Revolution and the Islamic Republic. Referring to the responsibilities of the Iranians residing abroad in safeguarding the values of the Islamic Revolution, Kharrazi said every Iranian expatriate, as an envoy of the revolution, should serve as a model for the peoples of those countries.

He elaborated on the changes which the Islamic Revolution has brought about in the regional and international scene and added that these changes which have arisen out of the valuable ideas of Islam and the Islamic Revolution need to be guarded and preserved. He urged the Iranian expatriates to make greater efforts in the training and education of their children and make them acquainted with the ideas and thoughts of the late Imam Khomeini and the prominent features of the Islamic revolution.