Iran asks UN to avoid ‘selective’ and ‘non-transparent’ approaches

July 20, 2016

TEHRAN – Iran’s Ambassador to the UN said on Tuesday that the UN Security Council should avoid adopting “selective” and “non-transparent” approaches.

“The UN Security Council has adopted selective approach in studying the issues, has acted in a non-transparent way and has paid undue attention to marginal issues while being inattentive to more important issues,” Gholam Ali Khoshroo told an open session of the Security Council on behalf of the Non-Aligned Movement in New York.

Khoshroo called on the council to take “neutral” and “non-selective” approaches and fulfill its duties as defined in the UN charter.

Interference of the UN Security Council in issues that do not pose threat to international peace and security runs contrary to the UN charter, Khoshroo said.

He also said that NAM members have always opposed instrumental use of the Security Council to achieve political objective.


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