Leader aide says May’s remarks akin to ‘stand-up comedy’ 

December 14, 2016

TEHRAN – A senior advisor to Supreme Leader blasted on Tuesday British Prime Minister Theresa May for her recent anti-Iran remarks, branding her as a “stand-up comedian”.

“Remarks by Theresa May are akin to a stand-up comedy,” said Saeed Jalili, the Leader’s representative to the Supreme National Security Council, a responsible authority for sensitive issues of national and international relevance. 

During the recent [Persian] Gulf Cooperation Council’s annual summit in the Bahraini capital Manama May had said she was “clear-eyed” about what she called “the threat” Iran poses to the region.

May had also stressed England would help the council “push back” against what she branded Iran’s “aggressive regional actions.”

Jalili, Iran's chief nuclear negotiator under the Ahmadinejad administration, further rapped the remarks as echoes of May’s “anger” at “Our nation’s authority and progress.” 

“Even if we had spent billions, perhaps we would have not been able to depict the British democracy in any better way because the British democracy means to call dictators allies on the deck of a warship.”

By “dictators” Jalili probably would have had in mind rulers of Arab states of the Persian Gulf region, which have emerged growingly hostile to Iran over the past years over a list of issues, notably the Syrian crisis and the clinching of the nuclear deal with great powers.

May’s words had already drawn strong condemnation from Iran’s Foreign Ministry which considers the remarks motivated by England’s efforts to win further lucrative arms deals with Arab countries. 

It drew the strongest condemnation from Iran’s Foreign Ministry which said England breeds insecurity and wages wars in the region and is in no position to launch accusations against others.

Tehran and London has recently promoted bilateral ties to an ambassadorial level after three years of frosty relations over Iran’s nuclear program and England’s support for a stricter sanctions regime against Iran. 


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