Iranian Haft-Seen tablecloth embellishes Wellington library

March 17, 2017 - 16:29

TEHRAN - The central library of Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand, has put a Haft-Seen tablecloth on display as of Thursday to celebrate the ancient Noruz, IRNA reported.

Haft-Seen is an arrangement of seven symbolic items traditionally displayed at Noruz, the Persian new year, which starts on March 21. The haft-seen table includes seven items all starting with the letter Seen of the Persian alphabet (S in English). The Haft-Seen items symbolize rebirth, affluence, lovehealth, beauty, sunrise, and patience.

The Haft-Seen table will be on display at the library of Wellington for two weeks.

According to Jalaleddin Namini, the Iranian envoy to New Zealand, organizing such programs will be effective in familiarizing people of other countries with the rich Iranian culture.


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