Iran, Colombia move to deepen tourism, handicrafts ties

May 4, 2017

TEHRAN – Iran’s tourism chief and Colombia’s accredited ambassador to Tehran have welcomed further cooperation in the arenas of tourism, cultural heritage, and handicrafts, IRNA reported.

Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and Handicrafts Organization Director Zahra Ahmadipour hailed active presence of Colombian travelers, experts, and investors in Iran during a meeting with Juan Alfredo Pinto Saavedra at the CHTHO headquarters on Tuesday.

She touched upon Iran’s rich history and civilization as well as unique tourist attractions, saying that very good relations between Iran and Colombia can help broaden ties between the two countries in tourism and hospitality industries.

Saavedra, for his part, described relations of the two courtiers as constructive and developing, adding that Colombian officials are willing to broaden all-out cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

“Prospects of Iran’s relations with the world are very promising and Iran is against the unreal image depicted by some Western media,” IRNA quoted Saavedra as saying.

The official added that Colombia has suffered a lot from such unfounded allegations.

The Iranian government has put in a great deal of effort to revive tourism industry since the incumbent President Hassan Rouhani assumed office in August 2013.

PHOTO: CHTHO Director Zahra Ahmadipour presents a gift to Juan Alfredo Pinto Saavedra, Colombia’s accredited ambassador to Tehran, on May 2, 2017.


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