Colorful Iran: Stone hunting in Gilan

May 17, 2017 - 8:30

Stone hunting is a ritual in the northern province of Gilan to make the water flow in shallow rivers.

When the snow in the mountains starts to melt in spring, sometimes water is captured in holes in river bed. So, men of the village go stone hunting to solve the problem.

At dawn, Miraab - a person in charge of managing water – informs others of the situation by blowing a horn. A representative from each family should attend the event or the family should pay a worker to do that for them.

They gather beside the river and start walking to its origin and remove the stones to make the water flow again.

They throw stones in the river in order to increase the flow of water.

Various tribes and ethnic groups who live in different parts of Iran are just like colors, which make a great painting. Iran is home to about 20 ethnic groups who live in different regions of the country.


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