Colorful Iran: grape harvest festival in Qazvin

August 30, 2017

The northwestern province of Qazvin is one of the cultivated regions of Iran. Grape is one of the main agricultural products of the region.

Over 40 different types of grapes are harvested across 35,000 hectares of land in Qazvin, ranking first in grape production in Iran.

Each September, Qavzin and its neighboring city, Takestan, host grape festivals which include folk music performances.

Prominent grape farmers are appreciated and different products including raisin, verjuice and grape syrup are offered to visitors during the event.

The participants also can visit grape farms during the event.

Various tribes and ethnic groups who live in different parts of Iran are just like colors, which make a great painting. Iran is home to about 20 ethnic groups who live in different regions of the country.


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